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As a realtor or broker, how can I join the solar revolution and stay ahead? 

Solar Real Estate Era 

Solar is quickly becoming a booming entity of the real estate market. Those that are ahead of the curve and eager to be the early adopters, are already on the move. With most city and state jurisdictions seeing an annual rise in the cost of electricity, the rising cost of fossil fuel and the housing market on the up and up…future homebuyers are looking for ways to save and save now.

With the banking partnership in place, homeowners have the opportunity to purchase a home with solar. The home will be assessed by a certified green appraiser, in doing so it will allow the bank to verify and lend on the value of solar to increase loan amount approved for.


What it means for you:

⊕ Higher lending amounts (dependent on lender).

⊕ Ability to provide an additional service to your clients without a learning curve.

⊕ Stay two steps ahead of the industry, before solar is in every brokerage.

⊕ Solar has become a negotiating tool for closing. Learn the different ways this can benefit you and your client.

⊕ Negotiate higher asking price for solar ready homes.

⊕ Happier home buyers lead to more referrals. Find ways to save your clients money to gain their loyalty, solar is a great option.

⊕ No added costs to you to provide this service to your current and future clients.


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