When looking at whether to invest, most analyze cost, risk and profit. The main reasons why the early investors seen the potential in solar right away were due to these factors.


COST: The cost of a solar system varies upon installation type and size. Due to the implementation of the federal and state credits, the cost of solar has been significantly reduced from its first debut.


RISK: The warranties are extensive these days and offer significant coverage and replacement, so equipment concerns are not an issue. The risk associated with the investment of solar is primarily dependent on wether the sun will decline to rise tomorrow. So far historical data shows that this is a very minuscule chance, therefor, there is less risk of investing in solar than putting your investment dollars under your mattress or in your favorite banking institution.


ROI: Due to the current availability of the federal credits, purchase options and the rising market demand, solar ROI is at it’s peak. You just want to make sure you can ride the wave before the credits are depleted. Being in a position to be the purchaser of solar pv systems gives you an opportunity to receive a quick return on your investment.


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