About OCS


One Choice Solar (OCS) is dedicated to bringing renewable energy to homeowners excited about going green and saving thousands of dollars over the years on their bills.

Our mission is to educate homeowners, save you time and money, and provide you energy independence.

Our dedicated team of professionals have been in the solar industry working in fields including designs, engineering, installs, project management, distribution, site assessments etc. We have been involved in every angle of the industry to know what works best, which products are most efficient and how to meet all requirements set forth by the city or county you live in, for safety and quality standards.


The process involves:

1. Determine layout of your house and roof style

2. Analyze your bill and historical usage

3. Licensed contractors bid on your install, getting you a great price while we mediate for best quality

4. We negotiate on your behalf for product shipped from distributor

5. Parts and labor determined and quotes provided

6. Your system is then designed and engineered and ready to submit

7. Plans approved and install is scheduled

8. Solar system turned on and the savings begin! 


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